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Invention: The Rolling Razor in video

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Another great invention for people who love to get a close shave: The Rolling Razor. The Rolling Razor is just under 2.5 inches long and fits comfortably on your index finger, while traditional stick razors are approximately 6 inches long. Beyond Rolling Razor’s unique, proprietary and patented design & technology, it is simply a more natural way to shave. The short distance between the handle and the blades provides you with greater control and accuracy. The curved cartridges don’t scrape against your skin like flat cartridges do; they roll easily and comfortably with your contours for an effective and comfortable shaving experience, eliminating unnecessary irritation. Plus, it’s a really cool looking razor!

The Rolling Razor

The Rolling Razor

The dual heads are an optional feature, which allow for 360 degrees of pure rotational motion. The truest multidirectional shaving experience with the grain and against, the Rolling Razor is the easiest, fastest and most efficient shave, whether you use one Cartridge or two.

This is a presentation video of the Rolling Razor which also demonstrates how to use it:


The Art of lathering in video

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Following my post about how to make a great shaving lather, I think it will be also interesting to see it on a video. I borrow another time a great video made by mantic59, where he demonstrates in style how to do a great lather. I love his videos, they are very instructive and also very funny. (more…)