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Funny video of Floyd’s 99 Barbershops

Friday, July 17th, 2009

My friend Alexis just sent me this funny video from Floyd’s 99 Barbershops. Trust me, it’s not what it seems !!

Geo F Trumper: The finest traditional gentlemen’s barber in London

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Geo F Trumper

Geo F Trumper

For over 125 years, the original Mayfair barber, Geo F Trumper, has served the needs of London gentlemen. Awarded a Royal Warrant, originally by Queen Victoria, George Trumper’s business still to this day continues its’ tradition for excellence in men’s grooming. Geo F Trumper is known as the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber in London and is recognised throughout the world for its matchless range of gentlemen’s fragrances and grooming products.

Geo F Trumper: London barber shop

Geo F Trumper: London barber shop


Truefitt & Hill: The British savoir faire

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

As certified by the Guiness Book of World Records in April 2000, Truefitt & Hill is the oldest known barbershop in the world. In 1805, William Francis Truefitt established is company, and become the official hairdresser of the British Royal Court. King George III gave Trufitt its first Royal Warrant.

Truefitt & Hill's Royal Warrant

Truefitt & Hill

Edwin Hill opened his baber shop on Old Bond Street, in London in 1911, close to the royal neighborhoods. In 1935, he created the brand Truefitt & Hill. In 1941, other Trufitt regional outlets were merged into the present company, where the current address is 71 St. James Street, London, since 1994. In addition, other locations were opened on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Caesars Forum Shops in Las Vegas and Toronto, Canado.

Truefitt & Hill includes a lot of famous clients like the British Royal Family, Members of visiting Royal Households, business leaders, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors and the diplomatic service and visiting dignitaries. Nowadays, Truefitt & Hill holds a Royal Warrant by appointment to the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Truefitt & Hill excels in the manufacturing of gentleman’s toiletries such as shaving creams and soaps, cologne, shampoo and other hair care products. This brand is also famous for its shaving range of accessories, such as razors, decorative shaving bowls, badger-hair brushes and kit bags, all inherited from year of Bristish “savoir faire”.

The Wellington Set: Truefitt & Hill Luxury Razor and Shaving Brush Set

The Wellington Set: Truefitt & Hill Luxury Razor and Shaving Brush Set

This is a list of Truefitt & Hill most popular range of products:

  • Full shaving and fragrance lines include Trafalgar, 1805, Grafton and West Indian Limes.
  • Fragrance-only lines include Clubman, Freshman and Spanish Leather colognes.
  • Shaving-only lines include Almond, Sandalwood, Rose and Lavender.

If you want to see all Truefitt & Hill’s line of products, you can download the Truefitt & Hill catalogue. (more…)