Review: Merkur 570 Chrome “Progress” Safety Razor

The Merkur 570 Chrome “Progress” Safety Razor is made by Merkur (DOVO) in Solingen Germany, one of the worlds finest manufacturers of shaving equipment. This fully adjustable 6 way safety razor is ideal for travelling as it’s small and comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade. This safety razor is finished in Chrome which, as well as looking rather nice and shiny, has excellent rust resistant properties. The balance and the weight of the Merkur 570 Chrome “Progress” make it an excellent choice for beginners and experimented double edge razors users. Remember to have a look at our guide for the maintenance of merkur razors to make sure your Merkur “Progress” will last longer!


Merkur 570 Chrome "Progress" Safety Razor - Yours for £34.99

If you are interested to purchase this excellent razor, you can order the Merkur 570 Chrome “Progress” for £34.99.

Review: What Merkur 570 Chrome “Progress” buyers think about this razor:

When I first made the transition from using a Mach 3 to shaving with a DE razor, I chose the Merkur 570…and haven’t looked back! Apart from the blades being a lot cheaper, this really is a quality tool that just feels great in your hand and gives a fantastic shave. This is why I still use it for my daily shave along with Taylor’s Avacado cream!” - Pat Brown

Already a confirmed DE razor user, I wanted to see if a Merkur would do the business, so armed with a 570 I gave it a go. I liked the weight and although initially sceptical about the ability to adjust the razor, after some experimentation I did find a setting that was more effective (2.5) although apparently due to manufacturing tolerances these settings are not absolute. To summarise, I liked it. I think to get the best out of your razor and this applies to any, you need to try different shaving soaps and creams and different settings until you find the combination that suits you best.” - Phill Ferguson

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